The US energy sector enables all other critical infrastructure sectors to function, so ensuring its resilience is imperative for our national and economic security.

Systemic Risk Mitigation

The ARC and its energy sector member companies work to increase the resilience of the energy grid.

ARC energy companies collaborate to identify systemic cyber and physical risk then develop solutions and strategies that eliminate or reduce the likelihood and impact of such risks.

Government Engagement

Engaging with government partners is essential to strengthening resilience and security efforts.

By partnering with federal government agencies, the combined expertise and capabilities of this public-private collaboration enables innovative and effective problem-solving.

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Collective Defense

Through this work, energy companies also identify systemically relevant dependencies and interdependencies across other critical infrastructure sectors.

This enables focused cross-sector collaboration and mutual improvement to address systemic risk.

Coordinating through federal government partners, the benefits of this systemic risk mitigation will be extended to other Sector Risk Management Agencies enabling a collective defense of US critical infrastructure assets.