analysis and resilience center

Protecting our Nation’s Most Critical Infrastructure

A cross-sector coalition to reduce systemic risk to the critical functions that underpin our economy and national security.

Who We Are

A disruption to a critical financial or energy sector function could impact our economy or even our national security.
We work to reduce the likelihood and impact of a bad day.
The ARC is a non-profit, cross-sector organization designed to mitigate systemic risk to the nation’s most critical infrastructure from existing and emerging threats.

The ARC was jointly established by leaders from the financial and energy sectors to build upon the frameworks and models for addressing systemic risk originally developed by the Financial Systemic Analysis and Resilience Center (FSARC).

Our members are owners and operators of the nation’s most critical financial and energy sector infrastructure. They ensure the integrity of every financial transaction we make and provide the energy that powers every aspect of our lives.


Private Sector Systemic Risk Mitigation

Identify, prioritize, and mitigate systemic risks within the financial and energy sectors through member-informed solutions to improve the resilience of critical infrastructure.

Cross Sector Critical Infrastructure Resiliency

Uncover interdependent risks and develop member-driven risk mitigation strategies across critical infrastructure sector participants.

Government Coordination

Support ongoing government capabilities as a strategic partner to protect our nation’s most critical infrastructure which underpins our economic and national security.