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Strengthening the
Nation’s Critical

A cross-sector coalition reducing systemic risk to the critical functions that support our economic and national security.

Nation state adversaries and their proxies are becoming more sophisticated, aggressive, and persistent.

Operatives can infiltrate our technology, disrupting critical infrastructure.

SolarWinds, Colonial Pipeline, ShadowPad, the 2017 NotPetya attack, and attacks on foreign central banks each exploited cyber vulnerabilities damaging and disrupting peoples’ lives, government defenses, and economic security.

ARC members work to build resiliency, prevent, and mitigate the impact of these events.

We examine the points of connection and mutual reliance in lifeline sectors to develop mitigation strategies which reduce systemic risk.

Who We Are

Established by CEOs from leading financial services and energy companies, the ARC is a coalition that is identifying, prioritizing, and mitigating critical risks to their infrastructure which benefits the broader financial and energy sectors.

Financial Services

financial callout  - chart graphic showing $5 trillion transferred daily
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Financial Services

25% of the national GDP processes every day through the Wholesale Payments system.

ARC Financial Sector institutions are responsible for approximately 90% of the Wholesale Payments market.


ARC Energy Sector companies provide power to critical lifeline infrastructure nationwide, across 38 states and Washington, DC.

These companies generate, transmit, and distribute energy that more than 100 million people rely on every day.


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What We Do

Leveraging industry expertise and US Government capabilities, we develop actionable solutions to mitigate systemic risks. Small groups of industry experts identify risks and find solutions that benefit the larger critical infrastructure community.

Through this collaboration, we are better equipped to defend United States critical infrastructure against cyber-attacks and other threats.

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Through this collaboration, we are better equipped to defend United States critical infrastructure against cyber-attacks and other threats.

Private Sector Systemic Risk Mitigation

Identify, prioritize, and mitigate systemic risks within the financial and energy sectors through industry-driven solutions for the broader industries.

Cross-Sector Critical Infrastructure Resiliency

Uncover interdependent risks and develop industry-driven risk mitigation strategies across critical infrastructure sector participants.

Government Coordination

Support ongoing government capabilities as a strategic partner to protect our nation’s most critical infrastructure.