Financial Services and Energy are considered lifeline industries with direct influence over the ability for the United States to operate. These sectors have common dependencies among themselves and impact other critical infrastructure sectors.

Through collective efforts, we develop cross-sector mitigation strategies and resilience solutions against systemic risk within these sectors and beyond.

For Example

ARC’s coalition of industry experts provided a widely used software vendor with critical feedback on scalable solutions to a major software vulnerability. This collaboration enabled the vendor to deliver workable solutions to its entire customer community quicker than anticipated.

Private Sector

Leading industry experts collaborate to identify and reduce systemic risks through mitigation strategies and resilience solutions.

Financial Services

Prominent financial services institutions collaborate at the ARC to identify and analyze concentrations of risk and their impacts, and to deploy solutions which strengthen the resilience of our entire financial system. The risk work of this small group makes payment systems more secure and the securities market more resilient. The healthy operation of payments and securities markets ensures the US economy can move money and capital successfully. The investments made by these firms accrue benefits to all market participants, both public sector and private entities.

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American energy companies have intensified their efforts to better defend against cyber-attacks on US energy infrastructure. ARC Energy companies are developing strategies and technology solutions which eliminate and mitigate risk across the interconnected electric grid. The solutions deployed reduce the cyber-attack surface area in the Bulk Power System. These efforts reflect a unified industry and government approach to eliminate and mitigate systemic risk.

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Cross-Sector Interdependencies

No industry works independently of others, and ARC’s mission emphasizes and builds upon the interconnected nature of critical infrastructure.

The ARC works to strengthen these sectors by mitigating existing and emerging systemic risk within and between critical infrastructure sectors.

The US financial and energy sectors are pillars of the nation’s critical infrastructure. They are vitally connected to each other and to other critical infrastructure. Ensuring their resiliency is a matter of national security.

Collaborating with government partners leverages our collective capabilities for a coordinated defense of life line infrastructure sectors.

Government Coordination

Coordination at the highest levels of industry and government is imperative to ensure the resilience of US critical infrastructure.

Together industry and government are equipped with a wider range of tools, information, and expertise to defend against malicious actors.