Sectors we serve

Our members are owners and operators of the nation’s most critical financial and energy sector infrastructure. They ensure the integrity of every financial transaction we make and provide the energy that powers every aspect of our lives. A disruption to a critical financial or energy sector function could impact our economy or even our national security. We work to reduce the likelihood and impact of a bad day.



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Financial Sector

The U.S. financial sector is the foundation of our nation’s – and the world’s – economy, so its reliability, availability, and integrity must be ensured.

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Energy Sector

The U.S. energy sector enables all other critical infrastructure sectors to function, so it is imperative to ensure its resilience and security.

The ARC and its energy sector member companies work to increase the resilience of the energy grid by reducing the potential likelihood and impact of systemic disruptions to the generation, transmission, and delivery of electric power. Engaging with cross-sector and government partners is an essential part of those resilience and security efforts. For instance, reliable power generation is connected with the supply of oil and natural gas, and many of the ARC’s energy sector members also operate midstream and downstream natural gas systems. As the ARC matures and interdependencies with other sectors are identified, partnerships with additional energy asset owners will be leveraged to ensure the resilience across the entire energy market supply chain.